The Walker County Stocking Full of Love

The Walker County Stocking Full of Love was started in 1989 by the late Sheriff Al Millard and the late, Dick Dengler. The first year of existence, there were only about 30 kids to serve, operating off of around $300.00. They were accepting whatever toys they could get, including used toys. The organization incorporated with the state of Georgia on Jan 16, 1990. The organization took on food and toys in the first few years of existence. In 1990 over 1000 toys were distributed to 260 children. There were 671 packets and cans distributed to senior citizen shut-ins, 4023 cans of food for the food pantry, total monies spent $2,324.76. In 1991, over 2,260 toys were given to 452 children. There were 701 packets and cards given to senior citizens, and 9,179 cans of food were collected for the food pantry. Monies spent were $3,904.93. In 1992, over 2,500 toys were given to 520 children. There were 730 packets and cards to seniors, collecting 15,749 cans of food for the food pantry. Total monies spent $4,359.87.

Rolling forward to today we are raising money on a year round basis. We only provide toys now as opposed to then. We screen all of our applicants through Chattanooga 211 to eliminate duplication of services. We have five to seven fund raisers throughout the year. And we reach out to our corporate sponsors as well as individuals who support us on a yearly basis. We satisfy the need of anywhere between 1,200 to 1,800 children, representing 400 to 700 families in Walker County. We spend around forty to fifty thousand dollars per year, turning a full sized gymnasium into a huge toy paradise for families to shop for their choice of toys.

We are a nonprofit, government entity organization whose books are audited each year along with Walker County. We have a board made up of a president, coordinator, vice president, secretary, treasurer, numerous individual committee chairs, and voting members.